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For in vitro research use or further manufacturing only. Not for use in or on humans or animals or for diagnosis.  
It is the responsibility for user to comply with all local/state and federal laws in using these products.  We are
not responsible for any patent infringements that might be caused by the use of or derivation of this product.
Codon-optimized cDNA & Recombinant Protein
The number of recombinant proteins used for academic research and therapeutic applications has increased dramatically.
However, successful recombinant protein expression depends on so many factors such as codon preference, RNA secondary
structure, GC content in heterologous expression systems.  More and more experimental results proved that the expression
level was dramatically increased, from two to one hundred times depending on different genes, when compared with pre-
optimization.  Bioclone has developed a unique proprietary technology platform and  generated  more than 14,000 of artificially
synthesized Codon-optimized cDNA/DNA clones (cloned in E.coli expression Vector, Fig.1) and recombinant protein (Produced
in E.coli or Sf9 Insect cell).  Bioclone provides ready-to-use and customer-based service for all the cDNA/DNA clones and
recombinant protein production.

Hundreds of thousands of  Recombinant Proteins and Codon-optimized cDNAs were specifically designed and synthesized.  
Codon-optimized cDNA/DNA:    
  • Producing higher yield of recombinant protein. The cDNA/DNA clones were cloned into E.coli expression vector with 6x
    His-tag and ready-to-use for recombinant protein production.
  • May be used as a RNAi-assistance in validating the function of RNAi due to its ~30% difference in cDNA sequence
    when compared with original cDNA.
  • Bioclone also provides customer service to clone the cDNA into any customer required vectors.

Recombinant Protein:
  • Containing 6x His-tag at N-terminus
  • Produced in E.coli or Sf9.  
  • providing ready-to-use recombinant protein and protein-on-demand service for all the cDNA clones.
  • Purity >90% determined by SDS-PAGE.
  • Applications: Western Blot, ELISA  or may be used for other applications.

cDNA clones and recombinant proteins include:
    Infection disease antigens (Virus, Bacterial, Parasites, Bacterial Toxin),  Allergy Protein, Cytokines,  Kinase,
    Phosphatase, Signal Transduction,   Stem Cell and Development,  Neuroscience,  Drug  metabollism, Common
    Disease, Transcription factors, Cancer and more protein and clone are gorwing .......
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