Magnetic Purification  Kits for
Molecular Biology
15-25  min Protocol
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Functional Magnetic
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Magnetic Separator
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Rapid Purification of His-
Fusion Proteins Kit
His-Fusion Beads

Magnetic Beads

Rapid Purification of IgG
Antibodies Kit
Protein A/G Beads

Rapid Removal of anti-E. coli
Protein Antibodies Kit
BcMag.E. coli-Protein  Beads

Rapid Purification of mRNA
from Total RNA Kit
Streptavidin-oligo dT Beads

Rapid Purification of GST-
Fusion Proteins Kit
GST-Fusion Beads

Magnetic Separator
Brief Introduction
Magnetic purification kits are specifically designed for quickly
purifications of His-Fusion Proteins, GST-Fusion Protein,
Biotinylated molecular, mRNA, IgG antibodies and removal of
E.coli Protein-reactivated antibodies.

Unique Characters

Fast: 15-25 min protocol
Convenient: no expensive equipment, perform on the spot
High Binding Capacity: 20-35 mg protein or antibody/ml, 4,000
pmole biotinylated oligo.
Price: Save 30-60%, compared with other commercial suppliers
Recombinant Protein
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