Functional Magnetic Beads
Amine-terminated Beads
DADPA-terminated Beads
Carboxy-terminated Beads
Carboxy-terminated Beads
Epoxy-activated Beads
Epoxy-activated Beads
Aldehyde-modified Beads
Aldehyde-modified Beads
Hydrazide-modified Beads
IDA-modified Beads
Silica-modified Beads

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Magnetic Separator
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Functional magnetic beads coated with silica are  uniform superparamagnetic 1 µm or 5 µm diameter
beads with different surface groups such as
Amine, Carboxy, Aldehyde, Epoxy, IDA, hydrazide, DADPA, Silica and ......... .

Characters: Low non-specific binding, Large surface area, Excellent dispersion, Easy handling

Because of these unique characters, they are widely used to couple proteins, antibodies, carbohydrates,
lectins, nucleic acids, small drugs and etc through formation of  stable linkages.
Recombinant Protein
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